Rationale Of The Registry

From evidences borrowed from the west, health consequences of SA(Sleep Apnoea) are numerous. If left untreated, it leads to excessive daytime sleepiness, cognitive dysfunction, impaired work performance, and alteration in health-related quality of life. Various observational and experimental studies suggest that SA may contribute to the development of systemic hypertension, cardiovascular disease, abnormalities in glucose metabolism and chances of stroke. It is an insidious disease and often patients are unaware of its associated symptoms. Key complaints of patients include loud snoring, witnessed breathing pauses during sleep & excessive daytime sleepiness. Early recognition and appropriate therapy can reduce the health consequences and may also have favourable outcomes in the patients.

In India, sleep apnoea is a highly prevalent disorder with scanty data available due to various limitations (eg: untrained physicians leading to inability to identify SA, untrained technicians to conduct sleep study, lack of documented practice guidelines supra added by no reimbursement available for diagnostics and treatment of sleep apnoea). It is also difficult to conduct prevalence based study due to such limitations and thus we wish to create a registry of these patients. Aviss Health, central scoring site shall assess the sleep study data for its quality and provide necessary feedback.

The Indian Obstructive Sleep India Registry will perform its first national multicentre prospective study of SA. This will enable a group of experienced clinicians/researchers across India to answer fundamental questions in the epidemiology, aetiology, pathophysiology, comorbidities, clinical management and prognosis of SA in Indian Subcontinent.

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